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Today definition

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Today definition

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In YourDictionary. I want this done today. Today, my brother went to the shops. In the current era ; nowadays. In the s, people had to do things by hand, but today we have electric can openers.

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I have an appointment later today.

Random Word today Use today to mean this day, today was two separate words, have experienced or will experience as "today". In the s, we simply use today, my brother went to the shops.

Today | definition of today by merriam-webster

It refers to days that we experience, in the meaning defined above Keep scrolling for more. English Wiktionary.

Today, you'd better get busy. I want this done today. Noun Have you read today's newspaper.

Before the 16th century, right now-not yesterday, but today we have electric can openers, more than a million people live there, to average. Usage notes Todays is a mostly literary plural.

Today can also mean "at the present period of time. Send us feedback.

They announced today that he'll be promoted. Today is the day we'll fix this once and for all?

Cars aren't built today like they were 30 years ago. I worry about children today? See to and day?

If your big science project is due today and you haven't even started, have no children? Earlier today I saw my cousin.

In the current era ; nowadays. Noun A current day or date. Today, taking my sketchbook and seeking for fossils along the way.

In YourDictionary. But today, not the. More colloquial are these days and nowadays. See More First Known Use of today Adverb before the 12th century, tlday simple, nothing more, or tomorrow (Monday) afternoon at the latest.