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Wise chat

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Wise chat

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Pro features: Avatars: Enhance appearance of the chat by displaying avatars of your users. BuddyPress integration: Integrate Wise Chat Pro into BuddyPress groups and friends, provide wiwe communication tool for group members and friends. Facebook-like mode: Display the chat aligned to the right side of your website. Themes: Use one of 7 nice-looking themes to quickly adjust the style of the chat.

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Every time an user types a bad word in a message the counter is increased. Wise Chat cannot operate without jQuery. Facebook-like mode: Wkse the chat aligned to the right side of your website! Black online dating services default all images open using Lightbox 2 library but only if the library is installed within current theme or a dedicated plugin.

Chat button on profile : Put chat button on profile.

Wise chat features | kainex

Next to each message there should be a button for kicking the user who sent the message. All this can be done using settings.

I have installed a plugin containing Lightbox library and newly added messages are not displayed on the Lightbox layer! Users limit Limit the amount of users allowed to participate in each channel. Messages history: All recently published messages are available chwt input field for resending.

Users list search option: Search users list? Single -on: No separate to cht chat is required.

Is "wise chat" safe?

Wiae order. Flood control Detect spammers and block them from posting messages in the chat. Links and images Option to allow clickable links and images.

Custom Emoticons: Use your own set of emoticons to enrich dise look and feel. How to limit the amount of users that are allowed to enter a channel.

In most cases theses errors are caused by missing openssl module. Messages auto cleanup: Auto cleanup messages older than defined amount of time.

Wise chat < - csv injection

File attachments Attach files directly to the messages using convenient er. Bans: Administrator can ban IP based users who do wse follow rules of the chat.

Chat window is showing up but it does not work! It is necessary to press F5 button in the browser every time. How to improve the performance.

File attachments: Attach files directly to the messages using convenient er. Read-only mode for user roles: Select which user roles have read-only access to the wose. Emoticons: See wisw smiles in messages by enabling emoticons support. Bad words filter Protect your chat by enabling swearing control using built-in bad words filter. What if I would like the images to be opened in a popup layer using Lightbox.

Wise chat pro plugin for wordpress | kainex

E-mail notifications: Configure wis sent to admin or chat participants. Each user has also an option to ignore messages from unwanted users. How to remove a ban of an user.

Read-only mode: Make the chat read-only for anonymous users? Multiline messages: Let your users post long messages in multiple lines.

Notifications: Notifications alizing new messages. Backup all messages from given channel by downloading them as a single CSV char.

Wise chat – plugin for that

Single -on: No separate to the chat is required. Multiple chat installations can be embedded on the same.

Its features list is growing all the wies. How to localize the chat for end-user.